Sunday, January 20, 2008


intuitive painting "trio" - 2007 - acrylic, watercolor and marmarino plaster on heavy paper

Have you ever just known exactly what to do? Has the paint just flowed from your brush without thought? Have the words just written themselves? Have you just danced with joy to a piece of music you have never heard before? These bursts of creativity are what I call Spiirit-knowledge...where creativity and intuition come together to form Intuitivity...

intuitive painting "Spirit kmowledge" 2007 - Acrylic and molding paste on heavy paper

Spirit-knowledge is the sense and knowledge of faith in a power beyond self that is alive in your heart. Spirit-knowledge is present in prayer and in art, whether the artist or craftsman believes it or not.

intuitive painting "Alone in a Crowd" 2007 - Acrylic and molding paste on heavy paper

I have always thought of my Art as Prayer -moments of openness to the Spirit of God. I intentionally open and invite this connection before I begin to create - a ritual of sorts. I center myself with a few deep breaths. When I am ready (I do not rush this time), I ask God simply, "Give success to the work of my hands."

intuitive painting "Bella Luna" 2007 - Acrylic and molding paste on heavy paper

What I know and discover in my art prayer is often difficult to share or prove to another - my sense of God, my delight in being a creative child of God and my intuitive feelings born in prayer. The paintings in this post reflect what happens when you are open to intuitivity... So I invite you to explore your intuitivity and Spirit knowledge this week.

intuitive painting "Wings" 2007 - Acrylic and molding paste on heavy paper board

Exploratory Expedition... Before you create this week, invite the Holy Spirit to guide you and be with you. Then open yourself to work intuitively, without editing or correcting as you go. Experience where this takes your art. Allow the time to open your heart to what the Spirit of God teaches in art prayer.


Gemma said...

I know I came here and read this...thought I'd left a comment.
This is so inspirational Rebecca.
Art as a prayer...yes!

The Artful Eye said...

Rebecca-These paintings are very powerful in their simplicity. I have had these moments where everything comes together while they are fleeting, I am grateful. I hope you are feeling better.

Sherry said...

Art as prayer is a very deep and enduring philosphy -- it is an offering and it is a calling -- an answering as I see it. Intuition and an intuitive knowledge of what must be done, shared and explored. I believe in that very much. And I love your work. You have very definitely followed your intuitive spirit.

Pamela said...

We seem to be thinking along the same lines.Art is a process that allows us to share in creation with the Creator.