Saturday, March 21, 2009

the limitless universe, the space of our limitless spirit...

The message of Jesus reaches into the depths of our humanity...into those spaces of life where we create and imagine, dance and sing, write and envision, laugh and cry, mourn and despair, hope and love, and where everything deeply human dwells within us.

"spirit dancer" - 2008

This message reaches into our art. I believe that our art is another message of eternal life as it lives and reaches beyond us. It is a bridge between heaven and earth and experiencing the oneness with all.

Every human being has a light, a radiant spark of God's divine nature, installed in his/her own nature. The idea of opening this light to the world is what all artists and craftspeople have been doing since the birth of time. And I will venture to say that opening up our light will be most important in the third millennium as people search for a spiritual connection.  For an artist, our art is the portal to our souls.

I believe that all of us are called to co-create in the universe together with God. Everyone, if willing, can open up their divine origin, hidden within the depths of our human souls, and give something of value to the universe.

"repose" 2008

Finding your radiant spark, tapping in to the divine inspiration, and then allowing it to flow through you into the limitless universe is your charge in this life. Finding that space of your limitless spirit is a lifelong quest.

Spiritually advanced human souls have already set forth on their journey... can you be far behind? Afterall, you were led to this place today... Have you set forth on your journey or are you afraid to take that first, necessary step?

Millions of enlightened souls have entered their own dark night of the soul. This is where the journey first leads you. It is uncomfortable and, at times, frightening but very necessary to grow into our spiritual maturity. Once in spiritual maturity you are free to co-create with God and the universe with the gift that is uniquely your own.

We are challenged not to become so immersed in the illusory existence of the manifested universe that we forgot our divine nature. 

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